The origin of this website was a garment. And not just any garment either. It was a bra. The first bra I had ever sewed, the Watson Bra pattern by Cloth Habit. I have sewed lots of costumes and other garments, but never a bra. And I didn’t sew this little lace lovely by myself either. I created this one in a class with seven other women who were making their first bras too. Sewing a Bra shaped this website.

Sewing Bra

Six months ago I was new to the Detroit area and once I had my job and family life settled it was time to make some friends. On a recommendation from a coworker, I wandered into Haberman Fabrics one day after work. This place is a gem by the way, and far from a basic local fabric store (you can read more about this and other stores I’ve visited here). Once I got over my pleasant surprise and actually started looking around something caught my eye. It was a bra. Not just any bra. It was MY bra. The bra I had wanted to make, the Watson Bra. Okay, it was more like a bralette, and it was on display to encourage shoppers to sign up for the class, but that was all I needed to hear. The chance to learn a new skill, in a fantastic store environment AND connect with like-minded sewists? Yes, please! I signed up for the class that day and two weeks later my sewing re-education began. I call it that because after years of sewing for others I have found myself in a place where I can sew just for me. While I would love to make all of my own clothes, I don’t know how realistic that is since I also have a busy career and family life. For now, I am keeping my sewing mission simple: to make finely crafted garments that enhance my wardrobe while incorporating excellent fit. This class literally pushed me out of my sewing comfort zone but I soon found my groove in working with lace, stretch fabrics, and unique findings. The final result wasn’t perfect. It wasn’t even all that great, but I made it and it fit and continues to be something I like wearing. I’m proud of that!

Stitching & Sharing

Something else happened in that bra sewing class though. Something that I didn’t expect. As I attended the class each Wednesday night, I wasn’t just learning to work with lace and mesh, I was also entering into a community with other sewists. We were seven very different women but in class, we spoke the same language, had similar interests, shared tips and techniques, and we talked a lot! When the class was over I was not only impressed by the bras that were created, but also by my level of interest in knowing more about my fellow classmates. I wanted to know how they got started sewing, who taught them, and what motivates them to continue sewing. I wanted to know what their sewing goals were and how they ended up in this class with me. What I really wanted to hear was their unique sewing story. And since I wanted to know their story, I figured others would want to know it too.

Shaping a Blog

And that is how this website got started. I want to celebrate the art form that is sewing and one way to do that is by cultivating & sharing the unique words, images, and stories that happen along the way.
I still have this first Watson, and I will keep it since it serves as a reminder to me that ideas and dreams can start with something as simple as lace, elastic and mesh!

Sewing a Bra: Shaping a Blog

Sewing a Bra Shaping a Website

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