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June 27, 2017

Adding the Tag


I’m a maker, and I’m proud of it! One way I show my pride is by adding my own custom tag to my finished garment.

Adding Tag

The definition of completion is the act of finishing something. In my work life, I finish lots of everyday tasks but rarely do I take the time to sit back and admire my checked off to-do list. As a maker; however, I do find myself celebrating the completion of a garment every time I add the tag. Just like an artist signs his/her work, I claim my sewing creations with the addition of my custom tag. And the act of sewing this small cotton icon into the finished seam reminds me to take the time to admire my work. It’s one of those little things, that isn’t a small thing at all. It’s my way of saying that I’m proud of my work, even if no one ever sees it but me.

Tags like mine are available to order on-line (mine came from Dutch Label Shop) or you can even print them yourself at home. I chose to purchase two different styles of tag: square and horizontal. Keep in mind that you might have to rearrange your logo to fit each style; however, having both provide significant variability. I love adding my custom tag to me-made creations- it remains my favorite step in the garment construction process. What about you? I would love to hear how you celebrate the completion of a sewing project- and if you also add your own tag.

Adding the Tag by Sewing is Required


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