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August 1, 2017

Discovering Sewing Podcasts


This summer I’m discovering sewing podcasts and while this might sound like a trip to the dentist to some- it’s pure joy to my earbuds. Where else can you swipe your finger and conjure up a deliberate conversation with interesting people who speak your sewing vernacular? Listening, laughing, and learning with these sewing podcasts has revolutionized my stitching outlook and connected me to the sewing community.

Satellite Radio

Some history: I don’t live under a rock, in case you wondered. I do have a reason for this creative chasm-Satellite Radio. My family gifted me an excellent, old-school looking satellite radio a few years ago and it remains my constant workroom companion. Thankfully our subscription has many channels, making it easy to surf and find compelling content and music.

Enter Sewing Podcasts

However, after jumping into the sewing community this past year, my eyes (and ears) have been opened to new affections- sewing podcasts included. And since I have fallen into an auditory abyss of sewing podcasts, I put a list together in case I’m never heard from again. If you’ve just discovered sewing podcasts like me, this might help. Here is my list (in alphabetical order because I didn’t want to rank them) along with my favorite episode from each:

I love Racheal’s hustle! It’s obvious that she is a passionate and committed young person who has quickly filled a significant void in the sewing community. Her current and engaging content continues to improve with each episode, and I’m looking forward listening to more. I’m completely enthralled her enthusiastic style and take on life- she is truly a breath of fresh air (literally).

My Favorite Episode: 20//Bra Making Month:Tips from my Favourite Teacher, a Little Bit of Harriet, and the Importance of Critical Thinking with Amy from Cloth Habit

I consider this my cross training podcast since some of the content is quilt related. That doesn’t matter though; I’m emjoying the episodes and my sewing IQ is increasing. Stephanie’s interview style is friendly, making listening easy. I appreciate how she decided to start a podcast and her admirable approach to bringing the sewing community together- she has done just that!

My Favorite Episode: 20//Blueprints for Sewing

For some reason, I just feel smarter and classier when I listen to this podcast! Sarai’s voice is competent, calm, and caring; making me want to escape into each episode, and devour the content. I hang on every word and repeat most of the episodes a second time. Sarai is truly a gifted interviewer; which coupled with the unique subject matter, makes an exquisite listening experience.

My Favorite Episode: 13//Loving a Person, not Their Gender with Marie of A Stitching Odyssey

This podcast makes me laugh out loud! The duo of Zede and Mallory manage to crack me up and provide useful sewing tips along the way. They truly put the social into “sewcial” and remind me to have fun in my sewing pursuits. I’ve also discovered their recent spin-off podcast (Self-Sewn Wardrobe with Mallory Donohue) which documents the pursuit of a self-made wardrobe.

My Favorite Episode: Sewing Through Changes

This is the first podcast I ever listened to! When I started this sewing podcast journey I found Eastlyn’s episodes and immediately was hooked. Her style is personable and I especially am found of her introspective style and commentary.

My Favorite Episode8//10 Best Sewing Podcasts (and some podcast history & how to)

I love listening to the interview style of this podcast. Christine is clear and concise, which provides the maker with the opportunity to share in their own creative way. The professional production of this podcast is appreciated as well as the thought provoking discussion.

My Favorite Episode: 42//Georgia O’Keeffe: Living Modern, with Wanda M.Corn

Abby has curated a collection of interesting maker interviews in her podcast feed. I appreciate her professional approach and honest style which permeate the discussions. Her completed interviews read like a master class of sewing stars and I relish getting to know these makers better.

My Favorite Episode: 97//Nancy Zeimen

Please & Thank You

Please let me know what you think of this list and of course, add your favorites to the mix. If you listen to sewing podcasts and love them as I do, consider leaving a review/rating on iTunes- this helps other people (like me) find the podcasts and brings the sewing community even closer. And I would be remiss without giving a huge shout out, and hearty THANK YOU, to all of the sewists who have committed to consistently putting out content. These recorded words represent hours of hard work and I so appreciate the efforts of each episode.

Happy listening!

List of Sewing Podcasts by Sewing is Required


  1. STEPHANIE says:

    Thank you so so so much for the sweet shoutout. I really appreciate it. I love sharing this community with you. 🙂

  2. STEPHANIE says:

    Thank you so so so much for the sweet shoutout. I really appreciate it. I love sharing this community with you. 🙂

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