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February 3, 2018

Tank Top Patterns to Sew


After starting to sew the majority of my clothes the past year, I have come to appreciate all the great Tank Top Patterns! For me, these basic shirts have become the mainstay of my closet since they pair well with my work wardrobe of dress pants and jackets. In this post, I describe my three favorites and why I adore them.

Tank Top Patterns

I am thankful for whoever created the Tank Top! These shirts anchor my me-made collection, mostly because they partner so well with my work wardrobe. These lovelies usually contain a front dart for fitting and can be quickly modified to fit armscye, hem length, etc. Additionally, I love how easy they are to sew- making them the ultimate in instant sew-gratification. I’ve tried a lot of commercial and indie patterns, and find that the three below are the best fit for me.

The Willow Tank

Grainline Studio came out with a real game changer this past year- the Willow Tank. This pattern is not only easy to sew, but also has a great fit and style options. I chose the traditional length for my first version pictured here, but have since made the cropped version in a light linen fabric that I love. Similar to all Grainline Studio patterns, this one is well designed. Unfortunately, I don’t fit all that well into their pattern blocks but have worked with them enough to know what I need to do to make them work for me. On this shirt, I cut a larger size for the shoulders and graded the side seams in from there. I also changed the bust point of the dart to accommodate my split sizing.

Favorite Tank Tops to Sew

The Curlew T-Shirt

I came across the Merchant & Mills Workbook earlier this year, and it changed me! Not only do I enjoy drooling over the photos in this book, but also the ten patterns included. The Curlew-T Shirt is one of these. I have a previous blog post on this make (which you can read here). The bias cut fabric and French seam construction was a welcome challenge to the tank top genre, and the fit of this shirt is amazing. I chose a linen blend fabric in a beautiful rust color, and I always get compliments when I have this on under a black suit.

Favorite Tank Top Patterns to Sew by Sewing is Required

The Gemma Tank

Ranking #1 in my list of Tank Top patterns to sew for myself is the Gemma Tank from Made by Rae. The pattern fits me perfectly- which almost never happens! I didn’t need any adjustments or grading, and likewise, the proposed pattern length was spot on for me. I have broad shoulders and a long torso, so finding a style that fits out of the package was a bonus. Something else I love about this particular make is the fabric. When I decided to sew this one, I went to my local fabric store to shop. I will never forget the woman working that day who watched me contemplate purchasing the Liberty Lawn fabric I used in this shirt. I was hesitant about the price, but she convinced me by saying “One thing I know for certain is that you will never regret making a garment out of Liberty fabric”. And you know what, she was right! I have never regretted this purchase, and after a full year of heavy wear, this shirt comes out of my washer ready for action every time. I have made several others, but this first one remains my favorite.

Favorite Tank Top Patterns to Sew by Sewing is Required

What about you

What is your favorite Tank Top Pattern to sew and why? If you haven’t made one yet, give it a try- you won’t be disappointed!

Tank Top Patterns by Sewing is Required


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