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November 6, 2019

Handmade View Brand Design


Why I Hired a Brand Designer?

When I recently decided to pivot my sewing blog (Sewing is Required), I knew it needed a facelift.

Once I knew I was going to outsource this project, I began meeting with design groups. Most had the option to jump on a quick call to connect and provided a portfolio of work for me to review. I choose the team at Aeolidia for the following reasons:

  • Overall Fit- specialize in my niche; experts in supporting creative businesses
  • Design Process- unique in approach to design
  • Timeline- able to accommodate my branding project
  • Communication- professional in all aspects; clearly outlined expectations & deliverables; use of on-line project management tool to keep the project organized and accountable
  • Designer- assigned to one designer for the duration of the project
  • Deliverables- packages included logo and several customizable elements to professionally represent my brand
  • Price- best value in terms of all the deliverables and resources I received at the completion
  • Previous Work Quality- a fantastic portfolio with happy clients!

Logo Design

Handmade View Brand Design primary logo. The logo design abstract camera concept.

The project started with my talented designer, Jess. She reviewed my intake information and helped solidify my ideas before working on designs for me to review. I wanted to include a photography element in the design but needed Jess’s expertise to bring that to life. Her version of this unique, abstract camera design icon was the perfect fit!

Logotype, Marks, and Seals

With the logo completed, the other elements followed. The logotype, secondary marks, and seals all worked with the logo to bring my brand to life. I hadn’t given much thought to how I would use these items, but now that I have them I use them all the time.

The Style Guide

The professionally designed style guide for my brand far exceeded my expectations! Having all of the colors, fonts, and stylistic elements created and presented in this way is the ultimate reference for my creative business. As a result, I am able to use all of these elements to improve every aspect of my brand presence.

Handmade View Brand Design Style Guide by Aeolidia Design Team

Final Thoughts on Handmade View Brand Design

I was both impressed and inspired by the brand design experience. Handing over my fledgling business was initially uncomfortable, but soon became a fun project that I looked forward to working on.

Hiring a design team to solidify my ideas is one of the best things I did when launching this creative business. Furthermore, I highly recommend the team at Aeolidia if you need a little help bringing your brand to life.


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