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April 16, 2020

Making the Boylston Bra


My Blue Boylston Bra is finished and I’m thrilled to share all the details with you! I hinted on IG that I was making the blue Boylston bra as a partner to these Grace Hipster Panties I made some time ago, and I’m finally getting the blog posted published.

Making the Blue Boylston Bra Supplies

The Supplies

Like always, I started this project by gathering up all my supplies. I especially LOVE this part of a lingerie project- putting together all the smaller notions like lace, elastic, and underwire casing is a lingerie sewers dream. And since I’ve made a lot of lingerie, I have a stash to sort through every time I take on a project. I knew that I wanted to make a blue bra, and from there I gathered blue fabric and trims that would work together. I was also wanting to match my favorite pair of Grace Hipster Panties. You can read lots more about this pattern and why I love it here.

Making the Blue Boylston Bra

And from here I dug into the pattern. As all Orange Lingerie patterns, the Boylston is well researched, constructed, and instructive. Norma does such a great job of packaging everything you need to know to make a bra, even if you haven’t made one before. Every step tells you exactly what to do, and it is all do-able, trust me!

This pattern goes together easily, starting with the cups, and the only struggle I had was picking the “just right” color of topstitching thread. I went with a dark navy and like how it added a subtle contrast to the cup and bra construction. I’m getting so much better at hitting my 1/4″ seam allowances for lingerie, but I always check them with a seam gauge to be sure.

Bra Cup Assembly

Next, the straps get attached which is my favorite part of this pattern- using a lining to incorporate the cup/strap seam is a professional technique that looks amazing. And the straps of this bra are constructed from the main fabric, making them match perfectly.

Bra Cup and Strap

The bra starts to take shape as the cups are sewn into the frame. I always appreciate how Norma’s pattern pieces come together so beautifully and the end result never surprises me. I have not been brave enough to use my serger for lingerie construction, but I think I have finally decided to proceed after working with this fraying fabric.

Sewing the Bra Frame

From here, the rest of the steps come together quickly. Adding the underwire and its casing, elastic, back straps, and hook closure are steps that come together beautifully with this pattern. I was surprised to learn that my stash didn’t have any wide blue elastic, but I was able to use the black that I had, and I don’t mind the two-toned effect.

Completed Bra Underside

Final Thoughts

Maying the Blue Boylston Bra did not let me down. I am so happy with how this turned out and I’m already thinking about making another one. What about you? Have you made the Boylston Bra yet?


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